Give Me a Chance
by Hafnhaf

Thank you for all of your love and support throughout my career. I definitely could not have been successful without you. I would appreciate it if all of my fans spread the word about me. I hope to meet each and everyone of you soon!
Best new Hip Hop Artist of 2010 BIO:Born in Florida, Raised In California, residing in Minnesota, HafNHaf has definitely got around. He started at an early age taking after his father writing poetry and reading the dictionary. Because his father was a little older than most, he collected social security, therefore HafNHaf was not able to do a lot of the activities and sports that his friends were able to do. When he turned 13 him and his father decided to move to Minnesota to be with more family. Thanks to his family members HafNHaf was able to play sports, dance, act and do the things he strived to do. It was not to long after he attended college, HafNHaf decided to start recording some lyrics for fun when he discovered that one of his buddies owned a dorm made studio. Although not the best quality, HafNHaf managed to record his first song of his career and get it played on the local radio station for Valentines Day. In 2009 HafNHaf released his first abum titled, "The Other Haf" which was released in select Best Buy stores. Unfortunately, HafNHaf was not in the financial position to back this project, so he could no longer replace the cd's that sold quickly. Now its 2010 and HafNHaf has big plans for this year and the years to come. Top producers in the industry have already labeled him "best new hip hop artist of 2010". With his new single, "Give Me a Chance" already being labeled as one of the best new hip hop songs of 2010 and more singles along with a new album on the way, HafNHaf feels confident that he will succeed independently and if the right deal comes with help from a major label!

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"Best New Hip Hop Song of 2010"
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HafNHaf Entertainment
Hip Hop/Rap

Best new hip hop song 2010

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